About Us


Biomimicry Switzerland is a community of practitioners in or from Switzerland working to translate the genius of the natural world into human innovation and problem solving.  We are based in Basel, Zürich, Lausanne and internationally.  

Biomimicry is the translation between human and natural design.  It is the practice of learning from and emulating natural design strategies in our own innovation processes to create more efficient, elegant, and sustainable design solutions.  Biomimicry can be applied to emulate and innovate products, processes or systems.  It is a branch of science, a new way of doing biology, a design methodology, and a sustainability framework.  It is also a movement, a stance towards nature, a new way of viewing and valuing biodiversity, and above all, a way forward through the evolutionary knothole now facing our species within the larger planetary body of life.

Our mission is to empower humanity to learn and apply the greatest lessons from 3.8 billion years of regenerative research and development.  We are dedicated to reconnecting people with nature, and human systems with natural systems.  Our vision is of both a high-tech economy that is equally an extension of ecology, where human and natural systems flow together seamlessly.  We dream of moving from the Anthropocene to the Symbiocene, from an age of human domination over nature to a symbiotic partnership between our species and the rest of Life. 

The process of consulting nature's genius utilises a clear, proven design methodology and effective implementation tools, developed by Biomimicry 3.8 over more than a decade of work with a broad range of stakeholders.  We work with policymakers, business, investors, educators, engineers, architects, designers, and other innovators to consult and translate natural design principles for development of products, processes and systems that create conditions conducive to Life.

Nature sets the standard for both efficiency and sustainability.  Our approach is based on Life’s Principles, which are the deepest and most universal biological design patterns, honed and tested over 3.8 billions years of evolution.  Our team offers education and consulting on how natural systems can provide insights into solving systemic human sustainability challenges.  We perform economic and financial research, market analysis, and strategic consulting for entrepreneurs, investors, scientists and policy leaders to help accelerate the commercialisation of biomimetic innovations.  We also develop collaborative partnerships and services to support interdisciplinary exchange and dialogue across industry sectors and regional borders.

If you have questions or inquiries, please contact us: biomimicryswitzerland@gmail.com