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Learn Biomimicry While Participating in a Global Biomimicry Design Competition

The Biomimicry Institute and the Ray C. Anderson Foundation are issuing a challenge to look to our planet’s living systems to help solve the greatest issue of our time—climate change.

The 2016-17 Biomimicry Global Design Challenge is mobilizing thousands of students and professionals worldwide to tackle climate-related challenges using biomimicry. The goal: to show how nature-inspired design can provide viable solutions to the current climate crisis.

Over billions of years, living organisms on our planet have learned to adapt, survive, and thrive. We need to do the same. The impacts of our rapidly-changing climate are becoming more evident every day, with rising sea levels, warming oceans, shrinking ice sheets, and extreme weather events happening with increasing frequency. Inventors worldwide are using nature-inspired design to create solutions to address energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, food systems, transportation, water management, coastal communities, and fossil fuel usage. Applying nature’s design blueprints to our climate crisis can turn the tide.

Participants get access to our collection of biomimicry resources, the chance to be featured in high profile media, advice from experts and mentors, and the opportunity to win cash prizes. Up to ten teams will be invited to take part in the Biomimicry Accelerator, where they will compete for the Ray C. Anderson Foundation $100,000 “Ray of Hope” Prize, which will be awarded each year.

Submission are due April 30, 2017 - Visit to learn more and register.

Biomimicry Switzerland mentors will:

  • Stimulate creative thinking and problem solving processes.

  • Help students experience the satisfaction of solving real world problems.

  • Provide advice on biomimicry, functional biology and project management.

  • Act as a resource for the team regarding biomimicry thinking process.

  • Act as a role model for the students.

  • Provide honest advice that is developmentally appropriate for the students.

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