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Basel, BS, 4054


As a regional network of Biomimicry 3.8, Biomimicry Switzerland empowers Swiss educators, businesses and policymakers to sustainably emulate nature's 3.8 billion years of design strategies for human innovation and problem solving.

This process of consulting life’s genius utilises a clear, proven design methodology and effective implementation tools, developed by Biomimicry 3.8 over more than a decade of work with a broad range of stakeholders.  

As a regional network of Biomimicry 3.8, our mission is to empower Switzerland to sustainably emulate nature’s 3.8 billion years of elegant design strategies.  We work with policymakers, business, investors, educators, engineers, architects, designers, and other innovators to translate nature’s genius for the design of products, processes and systems that create conditions conducive to life.

Biomimicry Switzerland is dedicated to reconnecting people with nature, and human systems with natural systems.  Our vision is a high-tech economy that is also an extension of ecology, where human and natural system designs flow seamlessly together. 

Our team offers education and consulting on how natural systems can provide insights into solving systematic sustainability challenges through the emergence of new business models and financial instruments.  We perform economic and financial research, in-depth market analysis, and strategic consulting to entrepreneurs, investors, scientists and policy leaders to help accelerate the commercialisation of biomimetic innovations.  We also develop collaborative partnerships and services to support interdisciplinary exchange and dialogue across industry sectors and regional borders.


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Leadership Team


Jacques Chirazi

Certified Biomimicry Professional
Founder and Managing Partner

Jacques Edouard Chirazi, Certified Biomimicry Professional has managed the California City of San Diego’s Clean Technology Program since 2007. His focus is to create economic growth while fostering sustainability. One emerging initiative is to bridge cleantech with biomimicry. He develops and supports a clean technology cluster in San Diego. As a critical thinker, analyzing complex programs and policies, he leverages his strong communication skills while collaborating across a diverse range of private, public and non-profit sector groups. With a passion for learning about the natural world and understanding how nature could transform the corporate environment, his long term vision is to create new business models and financial instruments to accelerate the commercialization of biomimetic solutions.  Jacques served six years as Senior Project Manager at Bainbridge Inc., a strategic management consulting firm, which provides consulting services for Fortune 500 companies. He currently teaches sustainability courses and clean technology to business students at the University of California, San Diego and San Diego State University. He holds a Masters of Arts from UCSD Graduate School of International Relations & Pacific Studies in International Environmental Policy and a Bachelor of Arts in Marketing from San Diego State University. Jacques is also a certified Energy Manager (C.E.M.), Renewable Energy Professional (R.E.P.) and LEED-GA.

Jamie Brown

Certified Biomimicry Specialist
Managing Partner
Sustainable Development and Community Credit Architect

Jamie is a sustainable development, community credit and biomimicry specialist in Basel, Switzerland.  She specialises in regenerative financial architecture, or the application of biomimicry to financial system design.  Biological design can inform financial architecture at all levels from community credit to global finance policy.  Jamie unfolds a story of how nature would design a financial system, and is working with the Biomimicry Global Network to put these lessons into practice (link).  She manages the secretariat of its Bio-credits Working Group and administers the biomimicry movement's first prototype bioinspired credit facility, the Biomimicry Exchange Network (BXN). Jamie received the US Presidential Scholar’s medallion from Bill Clinton in 1999.  She holds an MSc with Distinction in Development Management from the London School of Economics, where she submitted a controversial dissertation on "The Root of All Money".  Jamie was Founder and Head of Secretariat for the UNEP Sustainable Energy Finance Alliance, the first convening body in the international system for public finance agencies in the clean energy sector, with a fee-for-service business model.  She developed this from BASE, a non-profit UNEP Collaborating Centre in Basel.  She authored major policy publications for UNEP, the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) and the German federal government (GIZ) on public finance for sustainable energy with emphasis on developing countries. Jamie's earliest work experiences were with the US Agency for International Development (USAID) in Nicaragua on environmental impact mitigation after Hurricane Mitch, and in Colombia on local governance and democracy building; and in economic development for the New Orleans Mayor's Office under Ray Nagin.  She has over ten years' experience living in developing countries - primarily Kenya, Honduras and Guatemala.  Immediately prior to arriving in Switzerland, she worked in private equity investment for PFI health infrastructure in the UK.  Her website is


Patrick Baumann

Certified Biomimicry Specialist
Biomimicry Associate
Entrepreneur and Engineer

Patrick is the founder and owner of the mechanical engineering company Baumann Maschinenbau and is a Certified Biomimicry Specialist.  Very important for him is to take care about our resources, take responsibility for how we produce goods and make products more efficient. One of his goals is to bring the mechanisms, processes and systems that we find in nature into the design and manufacturing process of everyday products to make them more sustainable.  As a mechanical engineer with a masters degree from the ETH Zürich in Switzerland, Patrick has 20 years of experience in industrial designing and project management in textile technology, transportation vehicle and train carriage design, industrial computer tomography and automation of manufacturing processes.  As a drummer, he received a degree from the Los Angeles Music Academy.

PiusLeuba Dit Galland

Associate Professor, Architect, Sustainable Consultant and Biomimicry Associate

A practicing architect, designer and sustainable consultant, Pius is teaching Environental Design ad TonjJi Unversity, Shnghai, School of Design and Innovation (D&I). For more than an decade he has    researched designed and taught in the realm of sustainability human environment. His current focus are urban ecology, biomimicrym sustainable materials, place specific design, sustainable rural development projects and sustainable mobility. projects. Pius is director of the biomimetic desgin lab (BiDL: at the D&I and instrumental in the creation of the a Regional Biomimicry Network in China (BCN). 

Marina Ruta.png

Marina Ruta, PhD

Chemical Engineering and Biomimicry Associate

Marina is a consultant and advisor, with over 13 years of experience within academia, industry and international organisations. Passionate about innovation and initiatives fostering environmental sustainability, she found in biomimicry the most adapted framework to innovate according to life-sustaining principles. Through her highly diversified career she managed projects for technology innovation, business and partnership development within the chemicals industry at private corporations such as Dow Chemical, Vestergaard-Frandsen and Novozymes. 

More recently, she focused on developing multi-stakeholder partnerships at international organizations including the World Economic Forum and UN Environment. Her areas of expertise are scientific research, project/partnership management and business development. With natural enthusiasm and energy, she brings excellent analytical, communication and interpersonal skills to her initiatives. She thrives on building communities and connecting people.

Marina is a trained chemical engineer, holds a PhD from the Doctoral School of Environmental Engineering at the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) and an MBA with specialization in International Organizations from the University of Geneva. She is also PMI®certified project manager.the health sector.

Cath Rassat.JPG

Catherine RAssat, PhD

Marine Biologist, Teacher and Chief Biologist

Catherine obtained a PhD in Biological Oceanography at the University of Paris VI working on the influence of environmental factors on marine copepod populations. She redirected her career to teaching environmental sciences at Temple University in Philadelphia, USA.

Fascinated by biodiversity, she became a Nature Guide for the Singaporian Environmental Council, which allowed her to introduce local biodiversity to high schools and corporate organizations (i.e. sustainable committee).

Her interest in Biomimicry has resulted in the development of children's camps in Singapore, focusing on the discovery of fauna and flora and the technologies in life, inviting them to reconsider Nature as a model of inspiration.


Biliana Vassileva

Senior Social Innovation Consultant, Trainer and Coach and Biomimicry Associate - Social Innovation

Her fascination with biomimicry started in 2015 when she was asked to craft a social innovation workshop introducing biomimicry.  In general, Biliana works with mid-sized companies and international organizations that are pursuing innovation and growth and are investing in it. But their internal and external associates lack trust and willingness to work together. Some may be ready to change but others are not, which creates tension rather than productive collaborations. She eliminates the tension and creates constructive working relationships across all silos. Essentially, Biliana builds trust where people can take risks so that the sum of their efforts creates innovative results beyond their individual capacities. 

Biliana is the founder of the Swiss Failure + Akademy, which designs and spreads practical tools to harness the transformative power of failure to accelerate innovation. Life’s Principles are integrated into the tools designed by Swiss Failure+ Akademy.

She holds: MS in Sociology; MA in Leadership, Innovation & Change; Certificate in Executive & Organizational Coaching.

If nature were not beautiful, it would not be worth knowing, and if nature were not worth knowing, life would not be worth living.
— Henri Poincare