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64 Weiherweg
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As a regional network of Biomimicry 3.8, Biomimicry Switzerland empowers Swiss educators, businesses and policymakers to sustainably emulate nature's 3.8 billion years of design strategies for human innovation and problem solving.

This process of consulting life’s genius utilises a clear, proven design methodology and effective implementation tools, developed by Biomimicry 3.8 over more than a decade of work with a broad range of stakeholders.  

As a regional network of Biomimicry 3.8, our mission is to empower Switzerland to sustainably emulate nature’s 3.8 billion years of elegant design strategies.  We work with policymakers, business, investors, educators, engineers, architects, designers, and other innovators to translate nature’s genius for the design of products, processes and systems that create conditions conducive to life.

Biomimicry Switzerland is dedicated to reconnecting people with nature, and human systems with natural systems.  Our vision is a high-tech economy that is also an extension of ecology, where human and natural system designs flow seamlessly together. 

Our team offers education and consulting on how natural systems can provide insights into solving systematic sustainability challenges through the emergence of new business models and financial instruments.  We perform economic and financial research, in-depth market analysis, and strategic consulting to entrepreneurs, investors, scientists and policy leaders to help accelerate the commercialisation of biomimetic innovations.  We also develop collaborative partnerships and services to support interdisciplinary exchange and dialogue across industry sectors and regional borders.


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Upcoming Events

Rupicapra Rupicapra

BiomimiExpo 2017
8:30am 8:30am

BiomimiExpo 2017

Biomim’expo, c’est le grand rassemblement annuel des acteurs et des parties prenantes du biomimétisme et des approches qui s’inspirent de la Nature pour innover et créer les conditions d’un modèle de développement renouvelé et respectueux de l’environnement.

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Geneva Global innovation Days
9:00am 9:00am

Geneva Global innovation Days

  • The Geneva Global Goals Innovation Day (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

he G3iD 2017 main event will bring together people and organizations to explore hands-on how to collaborate and form partnerships to radically accelerate the achievement of SDGs, impacting social innovation in International Geneva and beyond.

With roughly 2000 square meters at the Tour CFF, we have over 100 organisations exhibiting and co-creating solutions and hosting workshops at the co-creation factory, and many more attending.  In addition, we will have extra crazy pitches during the whole day, as well as themed discussion clusters around specific SDG-related topics.  

To keep you on top collaborative and co-creative form there will be coffee and brain food served during the day, and a vegan, local. organic, lunch will be available at a reasonable 12 CHF (pre-booking lunch is strongly recommended).

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